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10 Breathtaking Satellite Photos That Will Change How You See Our World - dailyoverview

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Daily Overview is a new project that shares one satellite photo from Digital Globes a day in an attempt to change the way we see our planet Earth.
The project was inspired by the Overview Effect experience, which is a cognitive shift of perspective and worldview experienced by the astronauts when they get to see the planet Earth from space for the first time.

1.Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands
2.Barcelona, Spain
3.Palm Island / Hibiscus Island, Miami Beach, Florida, USA
4..Residential Development, Killeen, Texas, USA
5.Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain
6/New Bullards Bar Reservoir, Yuba County, California
7.Desert Shores Community, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
8.309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group Tucson, Arizona, USA
9.Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrain
10.Central Pivot Irrigation Fields. Ha’il, Saudi Arabia

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Parks and Recreation → 1.04 vs. 4.22

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  1. Blue Mosque and Little Girl - Mazar, Afghanistan
  2. Young Man and Horse - Kabul, Afghanistan

Photos by Foreman Photos

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Jesus.. This hits home.

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I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that.

Marlon Brando and his cat, photographed by Murray Garrett, 1954.

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